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Client Stories

"I had the pleasure of attending a 3 day workshop that Tiffany ran titled '3 Steps to Living a More Conscious Life.' I did not know quite what to expect going into the workshop, but entered with an open mind. I can truly say this workshop helped transform the way I live my everyday life. Tiffany's energy, practices and overall message that she delivered week after week, gave me the clarity I needed to really start living life to the fullest. I highly recommend attending a workshop or working with her 1:1 through her Life Coaching Business. She has a pure gift and one that is very visible through her passion and energy."

-Elizabeth G.

"I have never partaken in a Reiki session before and all I really knew is that it centers around energy healing. Within 2 minutes of my introductory session with Tiffany, I felt an indescribable sense of sensation and energy throughout my chakras. I could tell she was getting to the root cause of any pain points and strengths throughout my body and overall well being. It was the most calming, yet powerful 30 minutes. I ended the session feeling very grounded and knowing areas of my life that I could bring more attention to. I would truly recommend booking a Reiki Session with Tiffany.

She is ONE of a KIND!"

-Melissa T.

"Tiffany is an incredible Reiki Master! I immediately felt her warmth and kindness, and she truly cared about me. She came highly recommended by my acupuncturist. The thing that first impressed me was that Tiffany could see the real me and was able to reassure me and helped me to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I left feeling better than I had felt in many years and shared my experience with many people. The second session gave me even more insight, and I again felt the lightness that I hadn’t felt in many years and that I desperately needed. It was a rebirth. At the end of the session, Tiffany became somewhat of a life coach, pointing me in a direction that I had avoided for a few years but where I needed to go. It was finally okay to do what I needed to do, and she helped me to acknowledge it. It was a truly profound experience to which everyone needs exposure. If you want to become all that you can be, have an appointment with Tiffany."

-Catherine S.

"I started working with Tiffany a few months back. At first I wasn’t really sure what to expect and was definitely very nervous. I was feeling lost in life and wanted to do something for myself for once. I have never worked with a coach before but wanted to give it a try. Tiffany has been an amazing coach and her passion shines through the moment you meet her. I am so happy I decided to take the first step in creating the life I want! She has a fresh perspective and has helped me discover things about myself I have never even realized before. I am so excited to continue this journey with her!!"

-Jenna S.

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